First Novel Progress Report 1

First of all, it feels great just to be doing it, finally. I’ve had several long-standing ideas for stories but this one has always been the strongest.

Jack plays an online game addictively and has made friends with a woman, so they team up a lot to play and have come to know each other. One night, she lets something slip about “real” magic, but refuses to elaborate.

Then she disappears, leaving a single cryptic clue.

Jack, whose life is in shambles anyway, decides he has nothing to lose and sets off on a cross-country journey to find her. He is not ready for what he encounters along the way. Something mysterious is shadowing him. But that’s nothing compared to what he finds when he reaches her town.

The above is a rough stab at what I imagine the back cover blurb might be. What’s crazy about it is that I hadn’t thought of the idea that he is pursued before writing the blurb. It just came to me as I was writing it.

I’m dying to just start writing because I know I’m a pantser, but I need to set up some basic shit, first, like a rough outline and character list. Without these, I have the feeling I’ll just write myself into a corner. I don’t want a detailed turn-by-turn route mapped out, like the Google Maps of novel-writing. I just need a roughly drawn treasure map with dashed lines on it and X marks the spot. And now I still need to figure out what X is supposed to be.

As I continue to work, I’ll keep posting updates. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

photo credit: Elido Turco – Gigi via photopin cc


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