What Happens?

I’ve recently been rereading R. Scott Bakker’s amazing Prince of Nothing and Aspect Emperor series. Often characters in these novels find themselves in surprising situations. As you do, in a fantasy world filled with evil and magic. And evil magic. In our contemporary way of speaking English, when we want to know what the hell is going on around here, we cry: “What’s happening?”

But characters in Bakker’s novels instead ask: “What happens?”

And I just can’t get that out of my mind. It sticks in my mental teeth like a squidge of chicken. I don’t even know if anyone ever spoke thus, but damn does it not sound archaic as hell?

Here’s a personal blog by me and this is its necessary first post.

What happens?

Well, I’m going to write.

Every day.

About what, I have no fucking clue. I’ve dabbled in many things over the years.

For years I ran a somewhat successful blogging and marketing online business called Remarkablogger. But I reached a point in it where I just couldn’t stand it, anymore (I even let the domain expire and all the content disappear). Others who started with me in the industry just got more and more greasy and deceptive and I didn’t want that path. I still have a love-hate relationship with marketing. Sometimes it works and it works best when you aren’t even aware it’s happening because all you know is your own desire. But more often it leaves people feeling tricked and violated. Even brainwashed. And that is no accident. Some of the same techniques used by cult leaders are also used in marketing.

Nice, huh? So… no, thanks.

But maybe I’ll write about it from time to time. And I’ll write about some of these things so you can protect yourself and have options for marketing you can participate in (or create, if you have a business) without selling your soul.

What happens?

I’ve been an avid reader of fantasy literature my whole life (and to a lesser extent, science fiction). The fantasy genre and market has had one hell of a ride over the past decade. My tastes don’t seem to much conform to the norm. I like authors no one’s heard of and dislike the ones everyone loves. Okay, that may be an exaggeration, but descriptive accuracy here would be too wordy and bore you.

And I’ve been threatening for years to write fiction. During these years, authors I admire have died, and I would think: Oh, yeah… I was gonna be a writer. That should’ve motivated me, yes? Nope. Not good enough, apparently. Or, rather, not strong enough to reach me through my alcoholism (yeah, that). Now I’m clean, but still lost in the deep foggy woods of regret. A good friend of mine recently died. And she died with me having never become the writer I told her I wanted to be. Whatever last thought she had of me before her death was probably one of disappointment. Now she’ll never see it even if it happens (happens meaning I get published and sell some books). Actually, this applies to a few other people in my life as well: just me, talkin’ shit but doing nothing.

But that sickens me. So… what happens?

I’m also an avid gamer in the MMO genre, and to a much lesser extent, single-player games. It’s very interesting and different experience compared to reading or writing fantasy. Back in my junior high days, Dungeons & Dragons first appeared and people either loved it, hated it as the spawn of Satan, or just couldn’t be bothered to give a fuck about “nerd stuff.” I had a hard time finding a group to play with and so, after buying many hardcover books, dice, modules, graph paper, and even hexagonal paper, it fizzled. Between that and the advent of amazing MMOs was a huge blank for me that I filled with mostly reading (lots of Tolkien, lots of Anne Rice and Steven King).

In 2009, I discovered World of Warcraft, only to quit it a couple years later. I wasn’t thrilled with the Cataclysm expansion and hated Mists of Pandaria, so that was it for WoW. Since then, I’ve played many different games and have a good sense of the industry. Enough to create a separate site about it. However, I don’t like being a divided person. This site is “me” and that stuff is also “me.” So, what happens is that you may see some writing about that, here.

What happens?

This is my personal blog and I’m going to write whatever the hell I want. And these things will change over time. But for now, you have possibly some idea what I’ll be doing here. If you already know me, you might enjoy it somewhat. It’s not a <subject> blog, it’s a Michael Martine blog.

That’s what happens.


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